Affiliate Program – coming soon.

Thank you for signing up to become an Xplore Nutrition Affiliate. We look forward to being your companies nutrition team in the near future. When uploading your companies logo, please be sure to upload a .jpeg, .png, or .ai file format.

  • Please provide a high resolution png if available.

    1. For value received, Xplore agrees to provide Recipient its services in organizing personal nutritional goals and tracking personal progress toward personal nutritional goals for Recipient’s clientele.
    2. Xplore will collaborate with Recipient to best utilize Xplore’s nutritional expertise and coaching capabilities through Xplore’s website and mobile application for use by Recipient’s clientele.
    3. Xplore will invoice Recipient’s clients on an individual basis and will remit to Recipient 20% of gross receipts from each individual client of Recipient and remit such sums to Recipient on a monthly basis.
    4. Services to Recipient’s clientele will be subject to the “Terms and Conditions” of Xplore’s client services.
    5. Recipient will defend and hold harmless Xplore from any liability arising from other services provided by Recipient to its clientele and Xplore shall defend and hold Recipient harmless from any liability arising from Recipient’s client use of Xplore’s nutritional service.