It's Ok to Say "No"

Hell of a title for a blog about nutrition isn’t it? 

You’re probably sitting there starting to read through this post after getting a random link from your grandma about saying no to people, with no idea as to what the context might be. Well - awesome, because now you’re here right! But why a blog about saying no to food?

Maybe because the blog isn’t so much about saying ‘no’ to things as it is discussing why we don’t say it more often. We generally have no problem telling people no to bad ideas, things we don’t like, or a movie we don’t want to watch. But there’s just something about food that makes saying it almost…uncomfortable in nature.You could argue that one little slip up won’t kill you, and you’d be right. It’s the other slip ups that one freebie can lead to that is the problem. A bad decision leads to a bad decision - so make good ones.

Let’s say you just started out on your new, nutrition lifestyle with a coach (for starters, congratulations on taking that first step towards a healthier lifestyle). You’ve been rocking the program and basically feel like the Beyonce of food choices, and you couldn’t be more proud. However, for the first time since starting your program you have an outing at your friends place. You prep ahead of time, you have a game plan, and you’re ready to go. 

But…things never go as planned do they?

You get to your friends and dinner is cruising along. You’re enjoying your one glass of wine, because you told yourself “one and done,” when suddenly your friend offers you another glass. At first you say “no thank you,” but your friends jokingly give you a little rib nudge about having another so you eventually cave. That second glass turns to three, that third glass turns to a fourth, and before you know it you’re dancing on your friends kitchen counter to the latest Taylor Swift hit (she’s catchy - hate me later).

So the question is - why didn’t you just say no, and stick to it? 

Think about that for a minute. You aren’t truly saying “I’ll have another glass” because it’s the decision you want to make. You’re saying it because you think it’s the decision they, your friends (or otherwise), expect you to make. But why? Perhaps it’s the fear of missing out on a good time, or feeling like the odd person out of the group?

Why do we set aside our goals for the ideas of someone who could, to one degree or another, care less? We shouldn’t, should we? And yet we do despite knowing that inside we want to simply say no and let it be, because to us, it’s one step closer to accomplishing the lifestyle that we want to live.

Saying no and sticking to your guns at first might be a little uncomfortable, your friends or family might talk a little trash, and you may even see them get frustrated - that’s ok. Eventually the people you fill your life with will understand why you’re denying that second glass of wine or another piece of cake, and may even back you up when you say ‘no thank you’ to someone who hasn’t yet. Much like the healthy habits that are taking you time to form, the people around you will take time too.

Just remember - it’s ok to be uncomfortable at first. Eventually, saying no and keeping to it will become second nature, and you’ll be right back to feeling like Beyonce everywhere you go.

This blog was created by Xplore Nutrition founder & coach, Sam Karoll.