3 Month Subscription

$149 per month

Our three month coaching subscription is a perfect starting point for someone looking to fine tune their nutrition, learn the basics, and accomplish some goals along the way. You’ll be paired with some of the best nutrition coaches and registered dietitians in the industry, who are never more than a text or call away when you need them.


6 Month Subscription

$129 per month

Our six month coaching subscription is for the person looking to take their nutrition, health and wellness, or performance to the next level. Learn how to manage social events, establish healthy habits, enjoy the foods you love, and accomplish your goals along the way.


12 Month Subscription

$99 per month

Our annual subscription is for the person looking to truly change their life, or someone who may have bigger goals in mind. It is also our most cost effective coaching plan, with an annual savings of $600/year compared to signing up for three months alone. Change your life, and enjoy the journey while you do.


For more information about our nutrition program:

Reach out and speak with a member of our team! We want to make sure that you feel confident before pursuing your health goals with Xplore.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does my monthly fee cover?

You’ll receive access to a professional coach that will create an individualized plan to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. It also gives you access to our web app, a private Facebook community, and more.

How often can I contact my coach?

We wanted our clients to know that they can reach us at anytime, within reason. That’s why you can reach out to us 24/7, and by any method you’d like! Whether that’s in our app, via email or text, or on social media.

If I have a question, how long can I expect before I get an answer?

Our goal is to always get back to you within the same day (24 hours). We know you’ll have questions, and we want to provide you with the answers. If our coaches have something going on that may delay that response, they’ll be sure to let you know!

Can I keep track of my meals and/or food?

You bet! Our web app has a built in food database so you can log what you eat without having to worry about using something else. No more need to use five different apps, ours has it all.

Do you only do macronutrient (macros) coaching?

Absolutely not, our coaches can help you achieve your goals in the way that best suits your lifestyle. Whether that’s macros, meal plans, or simply creating better habits – our coaches will be there for you.

I have a medical condition that restricts what I can & cannot eat. Is your program right for me?

At Xplore Nutrition, we have a team of Registered Dietitians (RD) that are ready to help. Whether you’re diabetic, or recovering from surgery, our RD’s will make sure you’re on track and healthy.