Xplore isn’t just another “diet program” - it’s a lifestyle.


Food is a powerful thing. We reach for it when we are seeking comfort, it’s enjoyed by friends and family surrounding a table on the holidays, and provides us with the fuel to perform at our best both in or out of the gym. But for a lot of people - food is also a tricky part of life that can feel completely out of control, and even out of touch with.

For that reason, and so many more, Xplore Nutrition came to exist.

Our mission is to show people that nutrition doesn’t have to be this miserable thing they dread. That we can enjoy the foods we love, live a life we enjoy, and just be happy overall while achieving our goals. In fact - have you ever heard a nutrition company say that they really dislike the word “diet” when it comes to nutrition? Well if you haven’t - you have now. At Xplore we believe that good nutrition is a lifestyle, not just a “diet” chopped off the ol’ block that has a start and end date.

That’s why we also focus on more than just food - stress management, sleep quality, exercise and movement, how we handle social events and peer pressure, and so much more.

As a gym owner of ~7 years, and a lifelong athlete, the importance of nutrition was also something near and dear to my heart as well as sharing that importance with the people around me. Sharing with everyone as much knowledge and guidance as we could, so that they could live the healthy lifestyles that they wanted to achieve.

Part of that is why, not only did we set out to become a different kind of nutrition company, but we wanted to provide the tools and resources for others to do the same. To do that we built a custom app that coaches, dietitians, physicians, and more can use to manage their own clients easily and effectively.

We also launched our Xplore Nutrition Affiliate program - a no cost (seriously) option for gyms, studios, businesses, and medical organizations to become a part of. Instead of just being a referral program, we wanted to join forces with the people who are striving to make a difference and work together as team to help as many people as we can.

We want to change how people see food - and we hope you do too.

Sam Karoll - Founder of Xplore Nutrition