Web Application

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Simple Client Management

Our web app was designed to be familiar, easy to navigate, and provide you with the important details about the people you work with everyday at a glance. Gone are the days of having a spreadsheet here, a google doc there, and things going in every which direction. All the tools you need to coach and manage nutrition - all in one place.



Sync Your Clients MyFitnessPal

Gone are the days of having to bounce between two places to record the same food information. Your clients can quickly and easily sync their MyFitnessPal accounts to Xplore profiles during the sign-up process. Once they do - updates will happen in real time so you can always keep tabs on how their day is going. They can even add notes to their meals from within our web app, so you have more information to go off of than just food.

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Create Macro Plans

At Xplore, we wanted to make getting your clients setup and going easier than ever - so we built a macronutrient calculator right into the system. Don’t worry! The numbers our calculator provides are 100% customizable for every individual, and every macronutrient. No more excel sheets or pen and paper - just results and quick actions. Spend more time helping your amazing clients, and let us handle the little things.


Create Habits, Goals & More

No two people are alike - which means that no two people need the same things or start at the same place - so we wanted to make sure you had the tools available to you to do just that. How? Our team designed a simple way to create custom habits tracts, tip tracks, goals, and nudges (kind of like a status update from coach to client). Start your clients exactly where they need to be, and not somewhere else.

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